Rwanda Abakundakawa | Single Origin | Women Produced


Single Origin Rwanda Abakundakawa

Notes: plum, brown sugar, black tea, clove & honey.

Roast: Medium-Dark

Suggested Preparation:

Chemex Pour-over V60 Pour-over Drip Coffee Cold Brew

REGION: Gakenke ALTITUDE:1800-2200 masl
African Bed
VARIETAL: Bourbon / Jackson CERT: Fair-Trade FLO #5490 and Organic


The Story Behind The Cup:

Ubora is proud to offer coffee grown and produced 100% by women.

The Hingakawa Women's Association are the makers of this exceptional Rwanda Abakundakawa coffee. Abakundakawa means “People Who Love Coffee” in Kinyarwanda, and that passion is evident in the consistent quality produced by this group of women. Abakundakawa gained its well-deserved reputation through the prestigious Cup of Excellence programs.

With a commitment to the community, the premium the Hingakawa Women's Association receives on their coffee is reinvested in programs benefiting the women members. Projects have included land lot separations and communal farm and livestock purchases. Their new project is to develop a community training center, offering programs ranging from child development and nutrition, to vocational skill training.

Recommendation: We recommend ordering whole bean coffee for maximum freshness and flavor. Ground coffee starts to oxidize and age, resulting in a flat flavor. Customer satisfaction is not guaranteed for ground coffee.

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