About us

We strive for excellence in every cup, from the bean to the final sip. It is not just about an extraordinary cup of coffee, it's about an experience. At Ubora, our goal is to bring people together and create long lasting relationships.

Ubora Team Leon

Meet Andre, owner and founder of Ubora Coffee. His passion and interest in coffee evolved over time, over many travels, and many conversations with people from diverse backgrounds. A cup of coffee, is something that brings us all together. Andre is committed to building the community and bringing people together. Aside from Ubora, Andre is an Officer in the United States Navy and is committed to the service of others and improving lives.

Ubora Team Phil

Meet Phillip, owner and sales manager for Ubora Coffee. Currently serving in the United States Navy, he has had the opportunity to travel the world and see how people can connect over a great cup of coffee. As a husband and father of two very active boys he knows the value of getting your day started the right way. Philip is committed to matching community interests and needs with the perfect cup of coffee.

Ubora Team Tony

Meet Tony, roastmaster. for Ubora Coffee. After retiring from the United States Navy as a Chief Petty Officer, he continued to serve the community in civil service. He recently retired as a Firefighter/EMT. Coffee has been a constant part of his routine. In retirement, he is happy to spend time mastering the craft of coffee that he has enjoyed for so many years and share his passion with the community.

Ubora Team Danielle

Meet Danielle, social media marketer for Ubora Coffee. She is currently serving in the United States Navy. She is married with two boys and to her, coffee is her lifeline. She appreciates the simple pleasures of an amazing cup of coffee in a very active life. She is proud to be part of the Ubora family.