Our Story

Established in 2018, Ubora was born out of common passions for coffee and the vision to positively impact society. Ubora’s objective is to change the landscape of the typical coffee company by cultivating a return to tradition, community, collaboration, responsibility, and excellence to provide the ultimate espresso bar experience in an environment that generates conversations and ideas.

Our pledge to you is to deliver the coffee bean at its peak of roasted perfection so that every cup can be enjoyed to its fullest while knowing you are supporting meaningful causes. At Ubora, we strive for excellence in every cup. In fact, Ubora means excellence in Swahili, a tribute to Africa, where coffee was discovered.

Ubora Specialty Coffee | Outside Photo

Our product offering is an array of specialty coffees, all roasted in-house responsibly sourced and fair traded from coffee farmers and producers from around the world. Every one of our coffees has a story to tell, like our Rwanda Abakundakawa coffee which is sourced from the women's cooperative “Hingakawa Women's Association,” directly impacting women’s lives.

In November, we opened our espresso bar in downtown Augusta, GA offering an air of sophistication within the restored historic industrial brick building of our roastery. Here we invite the community to see our open-display production process while enjoying coffee, attentive service and engaging conversations at our grand dark wood espresso bar, reminiscent of a speakeasy.

Giving back has always been a major focus of our business. We employ several military veterans and retired first responders as part of our team and invest in employee training and career development. Recognizing the value of those who serve and take care of our families while we deploy, we offer discounts to the community’s service members: teachers, first responders, nurses, and military.

From all of us at the Ubora team, we welcome you to the Ubora specialty coffee experience.