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Ubora Coffee

Brazil Minhas Gerais

Brazil Minhas Gerais

Single Origin

notes of hazelnut, almond, toffee & butterscotch.

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Drip Coffee V60 Pour-over Aeropress

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Rainforest Alliance

Bean Details

Region: Minhas Gerais
Processing method: Pulped Natural
Altitude: 1100 masl
Drying method: Patio / Mechanical
Varietal: Mundo Novo

The story behind the cup

The origin of Brazilian coffee comes with passion and intrigue, dating back to the early 18th Century. Portuguese Lt. Col Francisco del Melo Palheta smuggled coffee seedlings into Brazil from French Guiana. The story goes he seduced the Guainese Governor's wife and convinced her to help him smuggle the coffee. At a state farewell dinner, she presented the Lt. Col with a bouquet of flowers with the coffee seedlings. Today, Brazil is the largest coffee producer.

Recommendation:We recommend ordering whole bean coffee for maximum freshness and flavor. Ground coffee starts to oxidize and age, resulting in a flat flavor. Customer satisfaction is not guaranteed for ground coffee.

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