Rwanda | Abakundakawa


Single Origin Rwanda

Notes: plum, brown sugar, black tea & clove.

Ubora is proud to offer coffee grown and produced 100% by women.

Medium-Dark Roast (Full City)

ALTITUDE: 1800-2200 masl DRYING METHOD: African Bed
VARIETAL: Bourbon / Jackson CERT: Fair-Trade FLO #5490


The Story Behind The Cup:

Abakundakawa means “People Who Love Coffee” in Kinyarwanda and we think the love of coffee is evident in the consistent quality from this group. Abakundakawa, like many other producer groups, gained its well-deserved reputation through the prestigious Cup of Excellence programs.

We are very happy to offer coffee produced by a group of women, who have organized themselves as the Hingakawa Women’s Association. The group receives a premium to use for the additional work of lot separation, and to re-invest in programs benefiting the members. The group has already purchased a communal farm and distributed cows, pigs & goats to members, and their next plan is to build a training center to be used for a wide variety of initiatives from child development and nutrition to sewing instruction for additional income.

Recommendation: We recommend ordering whole bean coffee for the best freshness and flavor. Although we can grind your coffee, the coffee will start oxidizing and aging. The result is your pre-ground coffee may be flat in flavor. We do not guarantee customer satisfaction on pre-ground coffee.

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