Ethiopia Sidamo Chuchu | Single Origin


Single Origin Ethiopia

Notes: watermelon, strawberry & jasmine

Light-Medium Roast (City+)

ALTITUDE: 1550-1700 masl DRYING METHOD: Sun dried on raised beds


The story behind the cup

Ethiopia is universally recognized as the birthplace of coffee, and produces some of the most complex and exciting coffees in the world.

Located just 6 km south of the town of Dilla in Sidama Zone, Chuchu washing station has produced some of Sidamo’s finest coffees for decades.  Relatively small compared to other Sidamo wet mills, Chuchu receives cherry from approximately 600 farmers each year, producing just over two full containers of coffee both washed and natural process.

Jasmine and rose aromatics round out the focused fruit character for a complexity that we rarely see in even the best Ethiopian coffees.

Recommendation: We recommend ordering whole bean coffee for freshness and the best flavor. Although we can grind your coffee, the coffee will start to oxidize and age, resulting in a flat flavor. We do not guarantee customer satisfaction for pre-ground coffee.

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