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GINA Brewing System

GINA provides a precision valve to control drip creating a nuanced brewing experience. Capabilities include pour over, immersion, and cold trip methods (even tea). This method has received awards for its design and functionality.


2 Cups
(~16 oz)


3.5 minutes


30g Ubora Coffee
(~2 tbsp)


480g Hot Water
198-205 °F
(~16 oz/2 cups)

EQUIPMENT Scale, Timer, Kettle, Grinder (burr grinder preferred), GINA pour over brewer (dripper), V60 #2 filter, Carafe/large mug

How to Brew

  1. Heat water in kettle to 198-205 oF
  2. Weight 30g of fresh Ubora Coffee beans to make a large mug of coffee (16oz). Or determine your preferred amount of coffee using a 1:16 ratio. Ex: 1 g coffee: 16 g water, or 1 oz coffee: 16 oz water.
  3. Grind coffee beans to a Kosher salt consistency.
  4. Place the filter in the GINA pour over and place the glass carafe or your large mug under the system.
  5. Pour hot water over the filter to wet it fully and warm the dripper.
  6. Once all water has passed through the filter, discard water from the carafe/mug and place the entire apparatus onto a scale. Tare scale to zero.
  7. Add 30 g (~2 tbsp) ground coffee to the filter. If needed, level out by lightly shaking dripper. Tare scale again.
  8. Start timer, close the GINA's valve, then pour hot water, starting at the center of the funnel and spiral toward the outer edge, using about 60 to 80 grams of water or just enough to saturate the coffee.
  9. Wait 45 seconds for the coffee to bloom or de-gas. Gently break the crust with a stirrer.
  10. Then open the valve and immediately continue pouring hot water evenly from the center of the funnel out to the sides and in a spiral pattern the scale reaches 480 g (or the calculated ration amount).
  11. The brew is completed after 3.5 min. Enjoy!

Note: If the brew is taking longer than 3.5 min, then adjust your grinder to a coarser setting. If your pour-over is brewing too fast, then adjust your grinder to a finer setting

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