The Chemex is a manual pour-over style glass coffee dripper, invented by Peter Schlumbohm in 1941, manufactured by the Chemex Corporation in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Many prefer using the Chemex instead of other pour-over methods since the thicker paper of the Chemex filters removes most of the coffee oils and makes coffee that is much "cleaner" than coffee brewed in other coffee-making instruments.  

Serving Size  Brew Time  Ingredients  Equipment

1 Large Mug 


 4 min

Freshly roasted Ubora coffee (30 grams for a 16oz mug)

480 grams of hot water (between 198-205F)

    - Scale
    - Timer
    - Kettle
    - Grinder (burr grinder preferred)
    - Chemex pour over brewer (dripper)
    - Chemex filter
    - Favorite mug



    1. Heat water in a kettle to 198-205o
    2. Determine amount of fresh Ubora Coffee beans to grind. Use the ratio: 1 gram of coffee per 16 grams water or 1oz of coffee per 16oz of water. (Ex: 30g coffee and 480g water is what we use in our coffee bar)
    3. Grind coffee beans to a consistency of Kosher Salt.
    4. Take the Chemex cone filter and fold the sealed edge to one side to make a perfect cone that fits in the Chemex. 
    5. Place the Chemex on top of your scale
    6. pour over and place the glass carafe or your favorite mug under the system.
    7. Pour hot water over to wet filter fully to remove the paper taste and warm the carafe.
    8. Wait for all water to pass through the filter and then discard water from the Chemex.
    9. Put ground coffee in the filter and shake lightly to level out.
    10. Start your timer when you begin pouring the water using just enough to saturate the grounds. 
    11. Wait 45 seconds for the coffee to bloom or de-gas. Gently break the crust.
    12. Pour a slow and even spiral, topping off the water every 10 seconds for the most even extraction.
    13. Continue pouring hot water evenly from the center of the filter out to the sides and in a spiral pattern until you reach your water ratio. 
    14. Finish brewing after 4 minutes. Remove the filter from the Chemex and serve. 
    15. Take a deep breath, smell the subtle notes of your freshly brewed Ubora coffee and enjoy!

    Note: If the brew is taking longer than 4 minutes, then adjust your grinder to a more coarse setting. If your pour-over is brewing too fast, then adjust your grinder to a finer setting.

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