Revolution Blend - Ubora Coffee
Revolution Blend - Ubora Coffee

Revolution Blend

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Notes: Tobacco and Earth

Roast: Dark

Suggested Preparation:

Drip Coffee French Press Aeropress

The Story Behind The Cup

The Up In Arms Podcast represents everyone that is a veteran or an active duty military member. It was founded by 5 U.S. military veterans who love to tell messed up stories about their time on active duty, simply to get a laugh out of the other person. We have basically adopted the role of ringleaders for a large community of military-connected individuals with a dark sense of humor. This community of veterans, active duty military, and their supporters is what creates our show. Through social media, we have started building a following who contribute roughly 75% of our material and influence almost all the rest. We take call-ins from anyone willing to share their funny stories with us, or what’s going on in current events that has them “up in arms”. We also cover articles and controversial conversational topics submitted to us by listeners. Hell, we even take polls on what to drink during the show.

Dark humor just happens to go with the territory of being a veteran. Like law enforcement, paramedics, and firefighters; veterans experience the darker side of societies around the world. Your skin thickens, pranks get meaner, and a darker sense of humor is forged. Think of it from a comedian’s perspective. Sure, they can make everyone around them laugh, but who can make the comedian laugh? That’s where we come in. Though, sometimes, instead of laughter, we get the “Holy shit, guys…” and head shake—That’s how we know we are on the right track.
What better to go with a dark sense of humor than dark roast coffee! Super smooth, loaded with the caffeine, and "Revolutionizing" what it means to be a great cup of coffee! The Revolution Blend.

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