Point Lookout Chapter | Strength and Honor Blend - Ubora Coffee
Point Lookout Chapter | Strength and Honor Blend - Ubora Coffee

Point Lookout Chapter | Strength and Honor Blend

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Notes: Tobacco and Dark Chocolate 

Roast: Dark

Suggested Preparation:

Drip Coffee French Press Aero Press

The story behind the cup

We have shared our blankets and tents together,
And have marched and fought in all kinds of weather,
    And hungry and full we have been;
Had days of battle and days of rest,
But this memory I cling to and love the best,
    We drank from the same Canteen!

For when wounded I lay on the center slope,
With my blood flowing fast and so little hope
    Upon which my faint spirit could lean;
Oh! then I remember you crawled to my side,
And bleeding so fast it seemed both must have died,
    We drank from the same Canteen!

(Excerpts from The Same Canteen-1864, Private Miles O’Reilly)

Just as the bonds that tie soldiers together in times of war, Strength and Honor Motorcycle Club is a brotherhood of motorcycle riders, who live by the guiding principles of Honor, Integrity, Loyalty, Dedication, and Always Remember.  We love the United States of America, and vow to support and honor all who play a role in protecting our freedoms, constitutional rights, and peace of mind. Local law enforcement founded SHMC, but the club has expanded to include other first responders, military and anyone who has a passion to serve those who safeguard our community and nation.

Join us to help those who have suffered loss or are in need, because of the sacrifices their loved ones made. Purchase a bag of Strength & Honor Blend and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Point Lookout Chapter of SHMC located in Southern Maryland.  All SHMC chapters are registered non-profit, 501(C)3 organizations that have made it their mission to provide financial aid and other means of assistance to the survivors and families of fallen public safety personnel and military veterans.  Your contribution will make a year-round impact to deserving families.

While you can’t buy our patch, it must be earned, you can buy our coffee blend.  Strength & Honor Blend- providing the fuel needed to carry out our commitment to charity and compassion.  -HILDAR!

Recommendation: We recommend ordering whole bean coffee for maximum freshness and flavor. Ground coffee starts to oxidize and age, resulting in a flat flavor. Customer satisfaction is not guaranteed for ground coffee.

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