Honduras Las Capucas | Single Origin


Notes: citrus, floral & baker's chocolate

Roast Level: 25

roast level light 25

Suggested Brewing Method:

Chemex Pour-over V60 Pour-over

Bean Details:

ALTITUDE: 1450-1700 masl DRYING METHOD: Raised Bed / Solar Dryer
VARIETAL: Caturra / Bourbon

CERT: Fair-Trade FLO #19080

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The story behind the cup

COCAFCAL was one of the first registered coffee cooperatives in Honduras and has produced a microlot competition at the coop every year since 2008.

The cooperative has grown exponentially, and from each competition event new roaster-farmer relationships are formed, most of which carry on for years. COCAFCAL has since added a computer lab for their members, a coffee shop and roasting business to train members on other components of the supply chain, a coffee tree nursery and massive solar drying complex – not to mention the world’s nicest coffee eco-tourism facilities capable of hosting up to 80 people at a time. Microlots continue to be the jewel in COCAFCAL’s crown, with competition scores routinely breaking the 90 point ceiling, with lush acidity and exotic tropical fruit flavors. 

Recommendation: We recommend ordering whole bean coffee for freshness and the best flavor. Although we can grind your coffee, the coffee will start to oxidize and age, resulting in a flat flavor. We do not guarantee customer satisfaction for pre-ground coffee.

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