Costa Rica Single Origin | Santa Elena Miel


Single Origin Costa Rica

Notes: berry, chocolate & almond.

Roast: Light

Suggested Preparation:

Chemex Pour-over V60 Pour-over

REGION: Tarrazu ALTITUDE:1250-1650 masl
Honey Processed
Sun dried on patio
90% Caturra / 10% Typica

The story behind the cup

Tarrazú coffee is known for being crisp, clean, and bright. Luz Marina’s coffee offers that classic profile plus a lightly syrupy body and sweetness, followed by an elegant finish. Luz Marina was one of the first estate owners in Costa Rica to produce Pulped Natural “Honey” (Miel) coffee in volume, adding a dimension of cotton candy and butterscotch to the sophisticated washed profile. In recent years Luz Marina has also been producing full natural process coffees, and separating lots from subdivisions of the large Santa Elena Estate, making for a dynamic list of offerings all from one exciting producer.

Recommendation: We recommend ordering whole bean coffee for maximum freshness and flavor. Ground coffee starts to oxidize and age, resulting in a flat flavor. Customer satisfaction is not guaranteed for ground coffee.

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